Gulnar Sacoor

Perguntas frequentes de caracter geral

I want to buy some artwork. What do I have to do?

After you identify which artwork you want to buy, just send us an email so that we can start the process and exchange important information.

Payment will be done by bank transfer. After confirming that payment has been received, the artwork will be sent, by mail or courrier, to the desired address.

Como é feita a entrega da tela?

Posso efectuar os seguintes modos de entrega:

- Levantamento presencial;

- Envio para Portugal e Ilhas por Express Mail CTT;

- Envio Internacional por serviços de encomenda expresso / courriers.

Todos os envios são feitos com a obra devidamente acondicionada. O envio por correio ou courriers comporta um custo adicional ao valor da tela.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs will be borne by the customer and will depend on a couple of factors:

- if the artwork is stretched our rolled up;

- size and weight of the artwork;

Will it come framed? Do I get to choose the frame?
The choice for a frame is necessarily a personal one. You must have in consideration personal taste, the artwork and your space.. Therefore, the artwork will always be sold without framing.
Does the item come with a Certificate of Authenticity?
Each artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
How is it maintained or cleaned?
Every artwork has a varnish finish so you will only need a damp cloth to clean the canvas.
How can I leave my comment in the Guestbook?
Want to leave a comment in the guestbook, but can\'t find a way to do it?

Answer: After choosing \"Guestbook\", find a small link saying \"Sign the Guestbook\"