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quarta, 02 fevereiro 2005
Article published in "Jornal de Odivelas" on September 16th, 2004.

Translation of complete article.

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By Patrícia Cardoso Fonseca

All that has spherical form, and spins over itself and returns to the beginning in a cyclical movement of encounters of matter, texture, materials, objects, and of human relations themselves, was the object of the work that originated the name of “Encounters”. The most recent exhibition by Gulnar Sacoor, being held in Centro Cultural Mala Posta, in Olival de Basto until October 2nd.

"To find other materials, besides canvas, to develop artistic work". Thus was thrown the challenge by the the teacher of the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes [National Fine Arts Society] . Gulnar accepted the challenge; inspired by a text were round forms ruled, thus giving birth to "Encounters".

"Connect Mankind to his essence", says the artist, is the central theme of her work and the reflexion of His "transcendental and spiritual" nature as she described. Here, this connection is found in the world\'s own shape, As in all her oeuvre the abstract, the minimalistic fill the canvases where the strong colors of Africa – that saw her being born – involve themselves in a game of shapes hauled from day-to-day banalities and uncover mostly marbles and balls. Her main painting materials.

How all began....

It\'s close to four years ago that Gulnar Sacoor turned fully to painting. The beginning of the millennium marked the begginning of a new era in the life of this Mozambique born woman that chose Portugal as her second homeland and Pontinha [district of Loures] as her home.

It was a dream and a desire she long kept to herself. "Since a little girl I remeber enjoying painting" she tells, "there was this little voice telling me to paint". However, life made her to keep that voice in silence of her heart. She grew, got a degree, found a job, married and had children. A normal life path… until she decided to listen to the voice that captivated her endlessly to the world of canvases and paintbrushes. Improved and obtained new techniques in various art courses and discovered that "out of nothing one can create many things" she mentions.

An act of self-discovery that transformed her, earning the rejoycing of the family for the calmer, more mature woman on the way to fulfillment that painting had uncovered.

Today, she feels "happy" because "I do what I enjoy and try to do it well" she says. Of the future assures not searching for fame, simply and only accepts "whatever time brings me"

And time brings her a new project, taking shape already for next year. There, the hands " and with that expressing the idea that, in life one\'s always giving and receiving something", will be her source of inspiration.

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