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Please check my online portfolio, where most of my works are available for viewing.

To find out about their availability, check the online store.

''ONE-NESS'' – Inspiration for 2014/2015
segunda, 21 julho 2014

Bellow are fragments of the Address of His Highness the Aga Khan to both Houses of the Parliament of Canada in the House of Commons Chamber, Ottawa - 27 February 2014:

''.... Let me end with a personal thought. As you build your lives, for yourselves and others, you will come to rest upon certain principles. Central to my life has been a verse in the Holy Quran, which addresses itself to the whole of humanity. It says: “Oh Mankind, fear your Lord, who created you of a single soul, and from it created its mate, and from the pair of them scattered abroad many men and women…

...I know of no more beautiful expression about the unity of our human race — born indeed from a single soul.''

...''A cosmopolitan ethic is one that welcomes the complexity of human society. It balances rights and duties, freedom and responsibility. It is an ethic for all peoples, the familiar and the Other, whether they live across the street or across the planet.”

... ''A pluralist commitment is rooted in the essential unity of the human race. Does the Holy Quran not say that mankind is descended from “a single soul?” In an increasingly cosmopolitan world, it is essential that we live by a “cosmopolitan ethic” one that addresses the age-old need to balance the particular and the universal, to honour both human rights and social duties, to advance personal freedom and to accept human responsibility. “

This speech made an impact on me, when I was thinking about my next theme as inspiration for my abstract paintings. A plethora of ideas came to me and I started to visualize them abstractly. I started with some experimentations in small formats and defined more ideas with collage, thread and silk paper, that I hope makes justice to the message I would like to convey with my Art - in this chaotic social, economical, political crisis the world is going through since 2008.

Thank you for your time and appreciation.

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Painting, for me....
quinta, 03 julho 2014

Painting is my way of doing meditation, my soul searching process. Each colour has its own unique value and it expresses emotions that we can all understand. Like red expresses passion, blood, anger.

But it’s how each painting is interpreted by the viewer that makes the painting unique. The same painting can be interpreted in 10 different ways by different 10 viewers. This makes my paintings very dynamic.

Let me explain with an example. We have all seen a beautiful rose, with its wonderful blend of colours and well designed petals. The fragrance that we can feel, can it be expressed in canvas? Maybe yes.

My paintings are those emotions that I see in life. Most of my paintings are reflections from life. Some are day-to-day experiences, while some are feelings, thoughts, emotions, mysteries.

I select my colours based on the emotions my canvas speaks to me. Most of the colours are bright and bold. I don’t mind if a colour is over lapping another. The simple reason being that we are not living in the universe in isolation. We do have our own unique colour, and at the same time we inherit colours from our parents, relatives, friends, society and from our own country. The traditions, culture and the rituals we follow project our identity, our nature both internally and externally.

Most of my paintings speak about life and its various hues. We all are different in so many entities, but our essence is the same. All humans have the same fives senses, and we live our life with the five senses interwoven. A viewer of my paintings can be from any part of the world. But we all are one. Our homes, traditions, rituals, belief systems are different. But internally, we are longing for peace and harmony. These two words are vital for a person’s well being.

My paintings create this connection between you and me.

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Reportagem - Castelo Branco
quinta, 15 abril 2010
Last Updated ( sábado, 14 janeiro 2017 )
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A pintura é uma poesia que se vê e não se sente, e a poesia é uma pintura que se sente e não se vê.

Leonardo da Vinci