Gulnar Sacoor

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2009 Rothrian, Rothcko meets Mondrian
sábado, 23 maio 2009

The idea of putting together two known and charismatic painters in a new and common representation and meaningful confrontation is to provoke dialogue that I hope will offer useful points of view: the hard and the soft, the clear and the vanishing, the mathematic and the indefinite, the decided and the doubtful.

This richness of the dialogues or confrontations of the two personalities lies in the innumerable aspects of human behavior:
friendship, love, hate, indifference, envy, harmony, collaboration, incompatibility, etc.

Besides, I love to play with colors and they have the ability to trigger our emotions, affect the way we think and act and influence our attitudes. They can make us happy and sad, and so forward…

My goal is to hopefully convey energy through colors making this my humble contribution towards grace and peace, fundamental in this disturbed time of mass fear and confusion.

I have loved Mondrian and Rothcko’s works since I know myself. They draw me immensely and they quieten me with pure silence. This is the way I honor them.

I am deeply thankful to my good friend Liewe Op'Land for his reflections and insights which were most encouraging and stimulating.

Last Updated ( sábado, 23 maio 2009 )
News from Dubai
sábado, 23 maio 2009
The Palm, Dubai
The Palm, Dubai
I am in Dubai since mid January. From the cold and harsh European winter to a warm Spring in the Middle East! Just this contributes towards a relaxed, laid back and happier state of mind.

It is now March, springtime in full! In the meantime this period has been energizing, inspiring and very creative. I have been working intensely.

Last Updated ( sábado, 27 fevereiro 2010 )
Exhibition at PT Comunicacoes
segunda, 03 novembro 2008

PT Comunicacoes welcomes in its Andrade Corvo area a painting exhibition by Gulnar G. Sacoor.

The exhibition runs from the 4th to the 21st of November, 2008, and presents a retrospective of her 2004 – 2007 works, under the title "Obra Varia".

"The myriad of colors and envolving universes sparks continued inspiration. Gulnar Sacoor transports us to a realist imaginarium of minimalist forms and infinite landscapes" – in the exhibition's booklet.

Last Updated ( terça, 16 dezembro 2008 )
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A beleza não é um atributo das coisas em si. Só existe na mente de quem as contempla.

David Hume